difference between Bonsai and gardening

Bonsai often thought to be a dull hobby; however, Bonsai has been attracting all kinds of people these days. It may or may not have effected by “Gardening boom” in nineties. Whatever Japanese are too accustomed, it was fresh and unique to those from other countries, especially who were not from Asia.

So, can you tell the difference between Bonsai and gardening? I could not, so I decided to learn about it. Bonsai and gardening are always getting confusing, because it is similar, yet different.

Here’s what I found out.


→enjoy the scenery inside the pot, stylize the space, put weight on trunk and leaves


→focus on growing plants healthily, usually put more weight on flowers and fruits

The point is appearance or growth. What do you think? Which do you want to try? There is one thing in common though. I bet you know the answer this time...

It’s the affection for the plants. In either ways, people really do care about their bonsai or flowers and more importantly what is best for them.

In conclusion, Bonsai cannot fully be categorized as gardening. It is because bonsai is a unique and is a production of our ancestors’ thoughts and creativity from time to time.


As you know better about Bonsai, you will be able to see how interesting it really is.