Easy to get on with…

Easy to get on with…

Chinese Junuiper (Simpaku)

・resists heat and cold
・likes water and fertilizers
・grows slowly.
・do not need that much care
・easy to train.
・Suitable for both mini-bonsai and bigger bonsai

Japanese white pine (Goyoumatsu)

・resists heat and cold
・Slow growth
・Easy to maintenance
・likes sunshine
・do not need water as much as others


Japanese black pine (Kuromatsu)

・resists heat and cold ・manly appearance ・easy to maintenance

Cedar (Sugi )

・usually grows up-straight
・easy to shape
・colors of leaves changes
・do not resist dryness

Maple (Kaede / Momiji )

・beautiful red leaves
・also green leaves are charming
・easy to train

Zelkova (Keyaki )

・leaves color changes
・likes water
・needs some care

Ume tree (Ume)

・resists cold
・strong tree
・easy to maintenance
・beautiful flower