Celebrities whose hobby is bonsai

Gloria Stuart (American actress)
Orlando Bloom (American actor)
Ichiro Suzuki (baseball player)
Yumi Adachi (Japanese actress)
Loveli (Japanese-Philippine model actress)
EXILE MATSU (Japanese performer)
Daniel Alves da Silva (Soccer player)

It is surprising to find many very famous pubic-figures who have their interests in Bonsai. Although Bonsai is becoming more popular everyday, I wasn’t sure if it has accepted by people in other country. Now that I found those people, I personally am proud of Japanese culture, especially Bonsai. In these days, Japanese culture such as “Kawaii”, and “Manga” have been accepted by world. Bonsai is the next.


Bonsai is an outcome of the eyes to distinguish natural beauty that Japanese had always been having. Start Bonsai now and join those celebrities!