The Watering
No living thing can live without water, so the watering is the most important point to take care your Bonsai tree.How do you think you should do water your Bonsai trees?
Most of the books say, “give the Bonsai enough water when the soil is dry” but in fact, it is quite hard for beginners to judge whether it is dry or not.
Therefore, we recommend you to water on suitable time and frequency. Are you worried about root rot? You do not need to! If the bonsai is well drained, no matter how much water you give, it would not be root rotted.
If you put Bonsai under bad conditions, the roots would get weak. For example, if you put a pot on some kind of saucer, the roots would be soaked in water. So please DO NOT put your pot in the saucer. If you find that the Bonsai is not well drained, prick the soil with a bamboo skewer.
-Memo- [The frequency of the watering]
*Springs and autumns: once a day
*Summer: twice a day
*Winter: once in two days
Give a lot of water as it flow out from the bottom of the pot, in order to replace the old air and dusts inside the soil.