How ling can Ienjyo bonsai trees?
If you do daily watering, sun shine, and fertilizer great, you can enjoy them for few dozens of years . As your bonsai tree grows, you might need to repot them.
Do I need to prepare all the tools?
It's not nessesary. You can use the nomal scissors.
Can I keep my bonsai tree inside?
It's OK for few days but please be careful not to put it on which can be too hot or too cold.
Can I put Bonsai directly on the ground?
Please do not put bonsai tree directly on the ground. It can damage your Bonsai tree.
When should I take the wire off?
Somewhere between October and March would be the best.
I forgot to take the wire o?! What should I do?
It's alright! The tree would cover it around. It is also the fun thing about Bonsai!
It seems like the Bonsai tree is getting weak.
Your Bonsai tree needs more water! The best way to make it better is to sink the roots into a bucket full of water.
The leaves are turning into brown.
Removing died leaves would make the situation better!
The Bonsai tree in a porch seems getting weaker
Please check and make sure that the tree is not placed in front of a vent.
The moss is turning into white.
It would be fine! Just give it a lot of water.
What should I do if I find insects on Bonsai?
If it's not too many, just pick them with tweezers, but if there are too many, just use the a pesticide. ( you can buy it from do-it-yourself store). Please make sure to spray it unless 10cm apart from the bonsai tree.
Can I plant the bonsai tree in the backyard?
There is no problem with planting it in backyard, but it would grow very big and it would not be Bonsai anymore.apart from the bonsai tree.
I'm going on trip and I can't water Bonsai tree.
If your trip is approximately 2 days, it would be fine if you wrap the pot with wet cloth and cover Bonsai with prastic bag. Please give enough water when you get back.
Where should I put fertilizer if I have moss on top?
Please put them under the moss.
When should I repot Bonsai tree?
It depends of the kind of the tree but a standard approximately once in two years. Check the bottom of the pot, and if wire is protuded, it's the sign for repotting!